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Business Card Ideas: Design and Layout

A business card can often be your first chance to make a good and lasting impression on potential clients and customers, so it’s integral to make sure that it’s well-formatted, clear, and professional. So, when it comes to business card ideas, what should yours look like, and what information is important to convey? 

What is the main purpose of a business card?

Business cards are most commonly used for networking and sales. It’s a very convenient way to give someone your contact information and make a good impression on them.

What should you put on your business card?

The front of a business card should have:

  • The name and logo of the business
  • The slogan and/or indication of the products or services offered
  • The subject of the business card’s name, followed by degrees, diplomas, designations, etc. in abbreviated form
  • The professional title of the card’s subject, underneath their name
  • The business's physical address (if applicable), phone number(s), and email address(es)
  • The business’s website URL

How do I make a good business card?

A good business card is one that’s clear and easy to read, attention-getting, and professional. Once you make sure all the above information is available and clearly legible, you have a bit of legroom in terms of design. Finding a good printshop is ideal, as they will help you find a design that’s right for you. 

What your business card should look like also depends on what business you’re in. If you’re in a creative field, like graphic design, it may be a good idea to show off what you can do -- but if you work in the corporate world, maybe keeping it sleek and minimal is the way to go.

How thick should my business cards be?

A business card is typically 3.5 x 2 inches, and the thickness is traditionally 100lb stock, but it depends on other marketing elements. You can go from there up to a 14pt or a 16pt for more impact. It’s a good idea to use a weightier stock, because it makes a better impression and will make your card stand out.

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