International Minute Press formerly Avante Printing.

International Minute Press formerly Avante Printing.

This online ESTIMATE REQUEST FORM is limited in the way we can collect information for producing estimates. Keep in mind that we are asking for information that is necessary to produce correct pricing for your job. The more details you provide to us in your Estimate Request or by phone, the more accurate our estimate will be. For clarification to complete this form, call (480) 969-4888 with your questions and additional details. We handle print services throughout the Phoenix metro Valley.

This form will work well for the more simple projects you may have. Therefore, it may not fit the project you want to have produced. Some projects may be too complex for this online form to gather enough information about and it may seem like a lot to work through. So if you become frustrated attempting to complete this form and it becomes confusing or too much to manage, please call us with your project details. We'll be happy to discuss the specifications for your project to get the correct information on which to base our estimate for you.

Because of the unique and complex nature of producing Large Format Inkjet Prints and Short Run Books, do not use this estimate form. Instead, call AVANTE PRINT CENTER in Mesa, Arizona at (480) 969-4888 and ask for:

. . .Any one of our Customer Service Representatives to provide pricing for your specific project.

Complete an estimate request for each project or print job. (i.e. Letterhead is one job, Business Cards are another, etc.)

PS: The details of your project and the information you provide in the following estimate will be forwarded to the email address you provide in the Contact Information section below. We will endeavor to process your estimate and respond to your request within 24 hours.


Please provide additional details about your project in the field below.

What budget do you have available for this project?

When do you require your project to be completed?

Is your project ready for production now?

Job ready
No file selected
Please tell us the software and version of the software used to create your document/file.

Please contact us for instructions for preparing artwork for production. For print production, we accept either EPS, PDF, TIFF file formats or native Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, PageMaker, Acrobat and Quark files. And we can work with CorelDraw, FreeHand, MS Publisher, MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. Contact us for information for handling other file formats or native files. Give us your files on CD, ZIP disk, Email or transfer direct to us through our FTP upload link on this site.

Do you require design services? How much are you able to spend for design services for your project?


You may request estimates for 3 quanitities . . .


What is the final flat finish size of your piece?

Can you identify the specific BRAND name, weight, finish and color of the paper you want for your project?

Example: 24# Classic Crest Smooth Writing, Avon Brilliant White.

Otherwise, give us more information about the kind of paper you require for your project. Considerations: Do you want regular or generic bond, writing or business paper? Heavier offset, opaque or text paper? Cover paper like index or business card weight? Brand name papers? Coated matte, dull, gloss book or cover paper? Multi-part carbonless paper? Envelopes? What texture or finish do you want? What paper color?

Type of Paper
Identify unlisted papers below in "Additional Paper Details" window
Tell us your paper color choice in the "Additional Paper Details" window below.
Tell us your choice of paper finish in the "Additional Paper Details" window below.

Tell us additional details about your paper choice requirements in this window. . .


Tell us what ink color(s) you want on the front side or outside of your piece . . .

Does the ink touch or bleed off the edge(s) on this side of your piece?

Bleed Side One

Tell us what ink color(s) you want on the back side or inside of your piece . . .

Does the ink touch or bleed off the edge(s) on this side of your piece?

Bleed Side Two

Tell us if your require a floodcoat finish on your printed piece . . .

Additional details about ink and finish coatings . . .


If your job is to be padded, tell us how many pads and how many sheets per pad you want (i.e. 30 pads of 50 sheets).

For shrink wrapping your pieces, tell us how many packages and how many in each package (i.e. 100 packages of 250 pieces).

Contact us to provide more details the following special features . . .

Tell us additional BINDERY and FINISHING details we should know . . .


Tell us any additional details about your project . . .

What questions do you have?

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